Hi, I'm Nikki

A few years ago, my life took an unexpected turn. I found myself grappling with a series of health challenges that left me physically weakened and emotionally drained. Medical interventions had become a regular part of my life, and stress was an unwelcome companion.

It was during this challenging period that a dear friend suggested I try something different—a few drops of lavender oil for relaxation. To my astonishment, it worked like magic.

Those tiny drops of pure, natural essence had the power to transform how I felt. I was left in awe, longing to understand the remarkable magic hidden within these plant-based elixirs.

Just two weeks later, my journey into the captivating realm of Clinical Aromatherapy began...

The Search For Answers Led to Helping Others

My experience gave me a unique look into the power of essential oils and I wanted to share that with others who need help, comfort and answers too.

While studying, I started crafting oil blends for my own use, seeking relief and well-being.

As my blending skills improved, I began experimenting with different recipes on my family. My passion for essential oils grew, and so did my collection of oils and bottles.

Soon, friends and loved ones began requesting my special blends, igniting the spark that would become Oily Fig Aromatherapy.

If you've ever found yourself seeking extra support for your body and mind, I cannot recommend essential oils more. They possess a unique ability to bring calm, offer their healing properties, and provide moments of centering.

  • Pure Ingredients

    We cold-press our own essential oils with the highest quality ingredients from start to finish.

    100% pure and natural, from the garden to your hands.

  • Small Batch

    All our essential oils blends and diffusers are hand made in small batches.

  • Cruelty Free

    Our products are tested only on consenting adults and not animals.